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We Have A Few Openings for the 2024 Season

Spring Bear Hunt May 18-25 or May 25- June 1,

Fall Bear Hunt August 31-September 7 or September 7-September,

Black Bear Hunts

All of our Black Bear Hunts are done over baited stands within a five to thirty-minute drive of the resort bordering Quetico Provincial Park. Quetico Provincial Park has a over 1800 square miles of un-hunted bear habitat where bears literally die of old age. Our proximity to Quetico ensures that our hunters are always on active sites with good chances of taking a big bear. We always have more working stands than the number of hunters in camp. Because of this, our success ratio is 85%. Our biggest bear ever was a 595 lb giant of a bear. We often harvest bears in the 225 – 275 lb range, our biggest bear in 2018 weighed in at 425 lbs and this year a guest harvested a 405 lb bear with a bow!

We encourage both rifle and bow hunters and have stand areas suited to each. After the hunters are settled in their cabin, they are taken to their stand areas and given pointers on tree stand placement and how best to hunt each location. The hunters keep their stands, baited for the week with bait supplied by us.

Black Bear Hunting Plan A

Includes American Plan, Three meals a day, cabin, active bear baits, boats motors, gas, freezer, tracking and skinning service.


$1995 / Person / Week

Black Bear Hunting Plan B

Includes modern housekeeping cabin active bear baits, boats motors, gas, freezer, tracking and skinning service.


$1675/ Person / Week

Guided Black Bear Hunting Plan C

Includes Super Deluxe American Plan, Active Bear Baits, Boat, Motor, Gas, tracking and skinning service, full guide service for fishing and hunting, as well as transportation to and from bear baits.

Fully Guided Hunt

$2475 / Person / Week

Services and Information

Our guides will track, skin and quarter your bear.

We have ample freezer space for hides and meat.

We issue export permits on site to take hide and meat back to the US.

Click here for Ontario hunting regulations.

Click here to access the Non Resident long gun form.

Click here if you are crossing the border to hunt

What our US and overseas guests need to know about Cannabis and how to enter Canada with an existing DUI.

Pet fees $20.00 per day/per pet 

Check in time “2 pm” and check out time “10 am”.  

Airport transportation from International Falls, MN and Thunder Bay, Ontario $225 for up to four people and $25.00 for each additional person.

What you need to bring………..

Soft carrying case for bow or rifle to transport to and from hunting areas, Range Finder, Scent Lok Suit (optional), Knee high Scent Lok boots (Bear Hunting), Good Pair of Gortex hunting boots (Moose Hunting), Scent-Away lotion and soap, Flashlight, Camo Clothing, Camera, Thermocell, Pocket Knife, Tree or Ladder Stand (Bear Hunting), Flagging Tape. Vest/Coat light and heavy, warm gloves, Rain gear, (coats and pants). scope cover/sling, Ammunition, and a copy of an old hunting license.


We are located in zone 12B and close to zone 11A, 11B and 12A. 

Top notch outfit! Have bear hunted and fished here many years. Took a Pope & Young bear there this Spring. Can’t beat Barry Giles and his crew at Camp Quetico!

Kody Lucas

Camp Quetico is a phenomenal place to visit. The accommodations is the best, the food is out of this world and the cabins are very comfortable and cleaned daily. Madelyn and I have been there the last two years and already booked our vacation for the fall of 2019. I’m already counting the days until we’re headed back.

Mandelyn & Greg Long

Kevin and I have been to Camp Quetico on a Bear Hunt and Fishing trip four years in a row. We love EVERYTHING about our trip! The accommodations are fantastic! We are always warmly greeted, spoiled for the 9 nights we are there, and hate when it’s time to leave. We are already excited about our next trip!

Sherry Anderson Prather

This place is awesome. Food is incredible, Bear hunting is awesome!! Got my first bear. Rory is the BEST guide!!! I will be coming back!!

Michael McGuire II

Try these tips on your next black bear hunt with us……!!

8 Tips For A Successful Black Bear Hunt

1. Get in the stand early. Bear hunting over bait is mainly an afternoon game. With that being said, the fun can start at any time so stay alert!! Getting to the stand a few hours before you expect the bear to show will allow your scent to dissipate. Staying on stand may let the bear get used to your presence and may just go for your bait..

2. Be comfortable in your stand!! Having a comfy seat with back support will keep you comfortable. Keeping comfortable will maintain your alertness and keep you on stand longer. Time on stand is what bags you a bear.

3. Use scent control detergent on your clothing and store it in a plastic bag to minimize your clothes picking up odors. Many hunters believe that his is the number one thing you can do to improve their odds of pulling bagging a bear.

4. Make a plan for scent control while in the stand. Have a container with a lid to urinate in, don’t smoke and think about what you are eating when on stand.and think about what you are eating and drinking while on stand.

5. Use pheromone spray to attract big male bears in the spring. The scent of a female bear can cause the males and especially dominant males get careless and approach the bait earlier than usual – in the day. Cover scents are also valuable to mask the presence of the hunter.

6. Install cover around your stand with burlap or branches. Long hours in a stand will test your stamina and focus but having some cover may just give you that extra second to make the shot of a lifetime!!

7. Stealth: Approach your bait slowly and at the ready to shoot. Your bear could easily be on the bait. You may end your hunt before you even get into your stand. That’s when you can spend the rest of your vacation fishing and telling bear stories.

8. Patience: Bears are not easy to hunt. They have extremely sensitive hearing, an amazing sense of smell and they are one, if not the smartest mammal in the northern forest.



What do bears eat?

What Bears Eat: Bears are eating machines and will eat just about anything. Their typical foods are softer plants, berries, nuts and insects. They are especially fond of freshly killed wildlife such as deer, moose as a carcass packs a lot more calories than berries and bugs.

When bears wake from their long hibernation they are very hungry. They will immediately start eating new spring shoots such as skunk cabbage and any winter kills they can find. When it comes to food bears have an amazing capacity to remember when and where to go.

Throughout the spring, summer and fall, bears will visit sites that have provided food for them in the past. Berry patches, grasses, bugs, fruit trees such as cranberries, hazelnuts, acorns are all on the menu. It is during the late summer and fall that bears start eating in earnest and can consume up to 20 000 calories in a single day as they prepare for hibernation.

How good is a bears hearing?

Hearing is the black bear’s best line of defence against danger because they can hear farther than they can see in thick woods. A bears hearing is at least twice the sensitivity of human hearing.

Bear Vocalizations

Bears are usually silent but do produce a  variety of grunts in friendly situations.  A bear will make loud blowing noises when frightened and will clack their teeth when frightened.  They use a clear and deep  “voice” to express a range many emotions from pleasure to fear.  Bears do not growl!

Bear - Sense of Smell

A bear’s strongest sense is by far its sense of smell. Bears can easily pick up a scent from over a mile away! This makes their sense of smell seven times better than a trained bloodhound. Bears have the best sense of smell of any land mammal in North America.

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